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Doesn't the compression for your given condition rely on the compression algorithm (I often necessarily mean lossless), in which scenario the entropy you assign for just a condition will count to some extent on how effectively the compression algorithm compresses that specific pattern.

There is a infamous challenge with this structuralist binary reduction: It's not at all suitable to discover the Boltzmann and Shannon measures, since the former is constant (as a result of constant variables like place) while the latter is effective above a finite code-space.

I was not wearing my protective head equipment.  I've programed a quaternion logarithm, so I am glad to discover it really is perfectly-defined.  I've still to produce the animation.  I went to Paris on my honeymoon, but failed to fall in to visit with Alain Connes.  To undesirable about that, It might be enjoyment to consume and shoot the shit with him if He's that sort of fellow.

Effects acquired suggest that for large methods the equivalent likelihood assumption might be calm considerably with no finish final results remaining influenced. For the purpose of the present dialogue The problem is rarely related.

" that inundate the world wide web. These qualitative statements at best give you metaphors, and at worst create profound misunderstandings.

Thank you Johannes, I have discovered your tactic really practical and very clear. It is really sort a aid to have trough the idea of entropy straight from Boltzmann equation, calling the Shannon bit definition.

I don't think so. The sodium must be heated [or demands H2O] imo simply because you will need supplemental energy to have the electrons jump from ground point out to an unstable increased Electricity stage.

Also the oscillation within the ionization stage providing infinite levels of freedom from the ionic subject, and also the contrast of subject and quantum entropies pressured by Penrose.

" On the web you can find a plethora of solutions to this problem. The standard of the solutions ranges from 'basic nonsense' to 'Practically proper'. The proper definition of entropy is the one offered within a prior blog:

You citing the intermediate states is not really related, I'm frightened. Intermediate states are undoubtedly crucial in gradual kinematically confined natural and organic chemistry but the reason I selected Na + Cl2 was to possess a very simple procedure wherein we can easily see Evidently wherever There may be an entropy raise and why that phase in the reaction isn't, in practice, reversible. You are able to, obviously, make the topic as elaborate as you prefer if you wish to obscure The purpose!

Now rapidly ahead to the center in the twentieth century. In 1948, Claude Shannon, an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Laboratories, managed to mathematically quantify the principle of “information and facts”. The real key end result he derived is that to explain the specific condition of the technique that can be in states one, two, .

This analogy can be an evident oversimplification, but it surely could have a certain aesthetic usefulness. The concept that info is conserved by compression to different degrees of losslessness (inside of fractal dimensions For illustration) Which it 

Surely you do normally how could you say that a box with the many air molecules in one facet has a lot less entropy then just one click this site with them distribute evenly?

I have no idea why you cite Shannon (whose 'contributions' to thermodynamics have been systematically discredited while in the physicists and chemists literature. Even Wikipedia has material about that!), but you do not point out vital contributions of individuals as Gibbs or vonNeuman.

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